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Sandra Rehder (San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina)
Considered one of the most important voices of the current musical panorama, she represents the tango of today’s brave women, with strong interpretations and exceptional quality.
She began her musical studies in 1986 with the classical guitar, singing, euphony and corporal expression. In 2001 she established herself in Barcelona and developed an intense activity as a singer and producer.

In 2004 she performed in the Universal Forum of Culture, and in 2007 in the World of Tango VII (Valparaiso, Chile). In the same year she formed a duo with the Brazilian guitarist Euclydes Mattos and with him presented “Intensotango” in the Auditorio Nacional de Catalunya, and ‘Tango, Fierce Vocation‘ in Barcelona’s Teatreneu.

Since 2009 she has joined the quintet of Silvio Zalambani ‘Group Candombe‘ as singer and lyricist, with whom she has performed in various cities in Italy. Particularly in the Teatro Dante Alighieri de Ravenna, the Teatro Moderno of Fusignano, the Rocca Brancaleone of Ravenna, the Teatro Rossini of Lugo in Romagna, Der Haus Kultur of Bolzano, the Aula Magna del Liceo Artistico of Forli, and the Teatro de Mestre in Venice. She also performed at the 23rd International Festival of Tango of Granada, Spain, and at the 9th World Summit of Tango in Senaïjoki, Finland.
She also took part in the 5th London International Tango Festival (London, United Kingdom), where she was supported by the “El Después” quintet, with Víctor Hugo Villena.
In 2010 she was selected for the program ‘Diversons’ (sponsored by Caixabank) to perform in a tour of 20 concerts across the whole of Spain.

In 2011 she performed in the 22nd Festival de Guitarra de Barcelona at the Sala Luz de Gas, with Pablo Mainetti and César Angeleri, presenting ‘Tercera Patria‘ (Acqua Records), a record in which Pablo Agri and Raúl Carnota collaborated, along with other well known musicians.

In 2012 she presented ‘Tribute to Astor Piazzolla‘, along with Manu Estoa, Pablo Logiovine, Horacio Fumero and Pablo Giménez, in the Auditorio Nacional de Catalunya. She also took part in the San Miguel Festival Mas i Mas, along with Euclydes Mattos, in the Sala de Cámara of the Palau de la Música Barcelona.

In 2013 she performed at the Teatro Filarmónica of Oviedo (Asturias) presenting her work ‘Tangos de la Resistencia‘ in the Teatro Akademia, at the 18th Festival BarnaSants (Luz de Gas), and the Auditori Barradas of L’Hospitalet.

She published a book of poetry ‘En Contra Dos’ (Gorbs Edicions) co-written with Alejandro Crimi, which was presented during the Festival BarnaSants 2014 with the guitarist Gustavo Battaglia and the poets Alejandro Crimi, José Maria Micó y Ferran Fernández.

In 2014 she presented two new performances: “Jailaife tango” with the guitarists Gustavo Battaglia and Fulvio Paredes, and “Proyecto Afluentes”, with the percussionist Álvaro Pérez and Fulvio Paredes, an innovative offering of tango/candombe, which included her own compositions along with her versions of other great and well known themes. Taking part in this project were the film producer Carlos Callero and the musicians Emiliano Roca on double bass and Pablo Giménez on flute.

In 2015 she presented Proyecto Afluentes in the sala Sandaru, in the cycle Hamaques of Casa América Catalunya.
Accompanied by Gustavo Battaglia, Claudio Constantini and Horacio Fumero she sang at the closing ceremony of the 21st Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamericà a Catalunya, in the Seu Vella de Lleida

Sandra Rehder has produced eight CDs: “En el nombre del tango”(2001), “Bajo la piel” (Discmedi, 2004), “El exilio de nosotros” (2007), “Tercera Patria” (Acqua Records, Argentina, 2010) with Pablo Mainetti (bandoneón, composition, arrangement and musical direction) and César Angeleri (guitar). Other musicians who took part in the recording were: Pablo Agri (violin), Humberto Ridolfi (violin), Elisabeth Ridolfi (viola), Miriam Santuchi (cello), Gustavo Margulies (guitarrón), Mario Angeleri (guitar) and Raúl Carnota (guitar), “La espalda de los pájaros” (2010) with Euclydes Mattos, and “Umbrales” (Nómada 57, 2014) with Gustavo Battaglia, “Canción maleva” (Icaria, 2017) with Marcelo Mercadante, Gustavo Battaglia, Horacio Fumero, Roger Blàvia, Olvido Lanza, Álvaro Pérez, Emiliano Roca.

She also took part in ‘Nostalgia del presente’ (2009) a record by Silvio Zalambani (Borgatti Edizioni Musicali).