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Sandra Rehder & Gustavo Battaglia
Sandra Rehder (voice)
Gustavo Battaglia (guitar)

“Immigrants, ships, ports, fights, prostitutes and loners; bravery, excesses, tenderness, pain, sex and melancholy. From its marginal origins, tango has remained faithful to expressions infused with a passion both direct and uninhibited. And as the whole world knows, it is difficult to negotiate with this type of passion. This characteristic, which so much upset the conservative norms of past decades, is perhaps what gives it a forceful validity now.
So, with its natural irreverence and its difficulties to support ambiguous morality, the tango has managed to survive by resisting. Resisting «best behaviour», scheduled closing times, euphemisms, the dictatorship of the market, elegance, or solemnity.
And this musical philosophy of passions and resistances, complex and intimate, uses the blood of Sandra Rehder (voice) and Gustavo Battaglia (guitar) to reach the public of Barcelona.
It’s good fortune
Not everything is bad.”

Alejandro Crimi

“Tangos de la Resistència”, presents a magnificent selection of tangos and milongas from authors and composers such as Eladia Blázquez, Raúl Carnota, Carlos Gardel, Cátulo Castillo, Aníbal Troilo, Enrique Cadícamo, Edmundo Rivero, among others.

The presentation will include Sandra Rehder’s own poems as well as those of León Felipe, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Roberto Juarroz, Jorge Boccanera, Hugo Mujica, Armando Tejada Gómez and Juan López among others.



Sandra Rehder & Jailaife
Sandra Rehder (voice)
Gustavo Battaglia (guitar)
Fulvio Paredes (guitar)

Barcelona is secular, but it produces miracles. And precisely one of those miracles is Jailaife (lunfardo for High Society), a saint and Argentinian lay trinity, without the official approval of Pope Francisco.
In Argentina, Sandra Rehder, Gustavo Battaglia and Fulvio Paredes would have never got together. But in Barcelona they have. It’s been a fact just recently or, more appropriately, a revelation.
Jailaife is made up of a phenomenal Andean singer and two Buenos Aires guitar players, totally different and amazingly virtuosos.
Sandra interprets tango, writes poetry, and has the gift of the emotional activism. Gustavo adds dignity to all sounds he meets, and Fulvio is a sybaritic daemon improvising like the gods.
Jailaife is not a compliant option, neither is it a logical trio. It is the experience of music itself.
Or if you like, one of those miracles that Barcelona sometimes produces.

Alejandro Crimi

Tangos, waltzes and milongas, instrumental pieces and songs from authors such as Celedonio Flores, Enrique Francini, Héctor Stamponi, Julio De Caro, José María Contursi, Homero Manzi, Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla and in addition some original compositions.



Sandra Rehder & Proyecto Afluentes
Sandra Rehder (voice)
Fulvio Paredes (guitar)
Álvaro Pérez (percussion)

The candombe and the tango share the same African roots, but they developed differently. They grew on opposite banks of the Rio de la Plata and each produced an identity of its own: Their music, without complexity, travelled easily along routes ranging from folklore to jazz, always feeding on the most varied of details, an interaction that generated in turn a symbiosis which did nothing but enrich them.

A demonstration of this is Proyecto Afluentes, created by Sandra Rehder, Álvaro Pérez, and Fulvio Paredes. Expanded to a quartet or quintet, the group is completed with Emiliano Roca on doublé bass and Pablo Giménez on flute. Carlos Callero joins the Project as visual producer.

Their repertoire consists principally of their own themes and their arrangements of classical and modern authors of popular Latin American music including Atahualpa Yupanqui, Alfredo Zitarrosa, Fernando Cabrera, Eladia Blázquez, Chabuca Granda, among others.

Everything is tango and everything is candombe without being so, the urban joins with the ethnic, cutting-edge harmonies with high-risk texts.

Everything is music, traveller and immigrant, it erases frontiers, creates universes of textures and emotions that already recognize themselves as encounters, happy estuary of the Rio de la Plata a sieve that floods its harbour with the aromas the colours and the sounds of Afluentes.



Rehder & Battaglia Quartet
Sandra Rehder (voice)
Gustavo Battaglia (guitar and musical direction)
Horacio Fumero (double bass)
Claudio Constantini (bandoneón and piano)

Sandra Rehder y Gustavo Battaglia have worked together for more than nine years, sharing the pasionate enthusiasm for the tango. Their interpretative mimicry has catapulted them to becoming the reference-duo within the class, where they stand out for their intensity and representational depth. La Rehder and Battaglia duet has lost nothing of the freshness of their improvisation with the years. They carry on maintaining the profound language of the Argentinean tango – from the profession and the experience -.
With the intention of keeping the spirit transgressive, playful and suburban of the tango, the couple has decided to increase in size over a new proposal to quartet, with the power of Horacio Fumero (double bass) and Claudio Constantini’s mastery(bandoneón and piano).
The repertoire of the Argentine combo claims to come closer to canyengue rhythms and to the ironical melodrama of the first tangos of the beginning of the 20th century, with the same subtlety and emotive humour that the classics made between waltzes and popular songs from Río de la Plata, but without precluding the present-day validity of the kind and including some compositions of present-day authors.
It is a project that arose from a desire to preserve the essence and authenticity of the historic tango, with its purity but rebellious spirit.


“EN CUEROS” (“STARK NAKED”) Micro show 15′
Performance of poetry, song and percussion

En cueros
Sandra Rehder (poética i veu)
Álvaro Pérez (percussió)

“Stark naked”. It is nudity, the exposure, the leap in the dark, which perhaps, even leaves us like that in the public gaze. As Juarroz said,”Poetry is almost nothing. But it offers us posibilities”.
Primitive sounds that bewitch words, playthings that sometimes caress, at other times tear apart, but always unsettle. A meeting place for sensuality, captivating intensity deliberately.
The skin of the drums of Álvaro Pérez summons Sandra Rehder’s voice, her song and her poetry. The drum speaks, it smites the word.


“Nostalgia del presente” (Present’s Nostalgia)

Silvio Zalambani & Grupo  Candombe
Sandra Rehder (voz)
Silvio Zalambani (soprano saxophone, composition and arrangements)
Vittorio Veroli (violin)
Donato D’Antonio (guitar)
Massimo Mantovani (piano)
Tiziano Negrello (acoustic bass)

The international experience of the Grupo Candombe by the saxophonist and composer Silvio Zalambani added at argentine singer Sandra Rehder show a personal and creative angles of tango in a series of own compositions and famous classicals, interpreted with refined and depth intensity.

“Nostalgia del presente” is a show that includes compositions by Silvio Zalambani and other authors such as Eladia Blázquez, Homero Expósito, Armando Pontier, Homero Manzi, Cátulo Castillo and Sebástian Piana, Alejandro Szwarcman and José Ogivieki and many more.

The meeting between Rehder and Zalambani is the union of two particular and intense ways of living the tango universe and not only the result is original and poetic but it also has an excellent sensibility.

Saxophonist, composer and arranger, Silvio Zalambani holds diplomas in Saxophone, Clarinet as well as Jazz music.

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