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“The passion that Sandra Rehder delivers in each song she sings for us, her glamour, her delivery and her spontaneity make us believe, deceptively, that in thrilling her public, everything is so easy. As if behind every one of her spontaneous explosions of freedom there isn’t, perfectly hidden, a carefully worked-out interpretation, a voice long trained to break your heart without mercy.”
Sergio Zeni – Diarifolk – 02/03/15



“Perhaps the rain that accompanied the night last Saturday at the time Sandra Rehder’s concert was an appropriate backcloth for some songs in which, alongside the pain and the courage, there was a certain melancholy. The Argentinean singer, now settled in Barcelona, gave a masterful lesson of all those feelings, sustained by a singular voice, capable of navigating the ranges between gravity and tenderness, encouraged by the vital energy that the singer gives to each syllable, to each whisper, to each sorrow, to each tear.
Pure tango, that looks at the flightiness of life, the injuries that makes us what we are. Eternal tango.”

Alberto Piquero – El Comercio – 06/10/14. Gijón, España


“There is poetry in the tango that Sandra Rehder sings to us, as there is in her looks, in her vivacious voice, in the emotion that pours out in each song. There is delight in her choice of repertoire and truth in her milonguera rhythm, A profound life, well travelled , implements of inestimable value to feel the tango and to express it, in order to pierce the skin of he who listens and to reach the soul, the last refuge of personal emotion, Rehder attains it.
Something magical happens on stage when Sandra Rehder sings accompanied by the intense guitar of Gustavo Battaglia. A passionate connection between the two musicians proves there is no doubt about their shared views.
Gustavo Battaglia has a touch of a genuine tanguero in his comportment and elegance, masculine and regal, the guitar and musician are a single instrument in the eyes of the onlooker: Wood-strings-hands-sensitivity, where does the one begin and the others end? Impossible to know, feelings and subtle intense light, life and black shadows between his notes, Battaglia is pure tango.”

Carles Gracia Escarp – – 26/07/13


Sandra Rehder’s music manages to elicit in us a feeling of permanent discovery, a sensation akin to watching a new beginning. Her music becomes a threshold for expectations, a threshold conducive to a magic territory where music and poetry blend to offer pure and intimate acts of communication.

She puts to good use her artistic skills and her deep understanding of the spiritual yearning lurking in tango songs. Tango is, in her voice, a regained past, a lonely present and a time of waiting, a transit through landscapes beyond forgetfulness.

Sandra rids her performances of the vulgarity and clichés that plague a false understanding of this popular music. Both music and lyrics shine anew, solidly anchored by arguments that ring true.

Heriberto Zorrilla – Buenos Aires – 2010


“Sandra Rehder interprets a feeling that stops being strange the moment that she steals it with her voice, but also with her skin and with her clothing. The tango clothes her and she bares her soul singing it.”
Sergio Ferreria – Santa Fé, Argentina, 2005

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